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Today is a good day.

Well, I don't have many details yet, but it seems as though baby Fletcher has arrived! I can't wait to hear how everyone is doing.

As for the rest of this day.......

I have nothing planned! Absolutely nothing! Except for laundry and some grocery shopping. Oh, and I have some paperwork to fill out and fax. Oh, and then there are a few bills that have to get out today. Not to mention I need to get the car washed, vacuum upstairs, finish my sisters birthday present, deliver some Avon and clean out the frig. Wow...Please disregard the first two lines of this paragraph! I have to go now...Too much crap needing my attention! All I wanted was to have a good day with nothing to do! Yeah that's ever gonna happen!
(The good day part happens all of the's the nothing to do part that always gets me!!)
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