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Reading....My best friend again

Wow...I have had so much time to myself recently! Granted, it's only in two-to-three hour increments, but it's ALL MINE!!!! I've read more in this last week than I have in years! I must admit, when I find a book I just can put down, my house and family really suffer. I tend to block out the world around me and ignore everything. So needless to say, I don't allow myself to read too often. I could really get used to this free time stuff!

I do have numerous projects though that I would like to tackle now that school has begun. I have started a list and it keeps growing. Now all I have to do is prioritize and get to work.

I can't believe it....It's time to go get the kids already! Maybe I'll list some of my projects here a little later. If I keep them within my sight, maybe some of them will actually get done!
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