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marijaaaaaz's Journal
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Sunday, July 29th, 2007
3:13 pm
Time for the yearly post....

Yeah I know....it's almost been a whole year since my last post. I still figure no one is interested in my boring life, so I'm still not going to post regularly. I'm simply making it know that I'm still alive...... sort of. 

I need to think of a good use for my LJ. Something that will keep me posting....I'll keep you posted...Yeah right

Current Mood: mellow
Tuesday, September 19th, 2006
7:39 am
playing catch-up
I've been up since 4:30am.....not for some noble cause or reason like making my husband his lunch (yeah right) or perhaps starting or maybe finishing some meaningful task....No....It was guilt. Here's why..........

I usually wake up a little bit around 4:00-4:15 when my husband gets up for work, but I always go right back to sleep. Well not this morning. I had just realized something....Just yesterday afternoon I put all of our birds outside for the first time. Their songs were driving me NUTS and they just wouldn't keep quiet! The act of putting them out isn't why I feel guilty, it's the fact that I forgot to cover them up so that they would stay warm! So I jumped right out of bed, grabbed the first blankets I saw and rushed out back to cover them up.
They are all fine. I just got really scared because just the morning before the night temperature had dipped way, way down. Fortunately, it wasn't that cold out this morning.

I'm back now....I've been gone for a little while. It's now about 9-ish, the kids are in school, except for Jay, and I'm finally ready to post this update and get onto all of my chores and errands of the day.

Current Mood: awake
Saturday, August 26th, 2006
11:41 am
I hate not feeling well
I had so many plans for today...This under the weather biz sucks!

It never fails, whenever school begins, I get a cold. Darn kids and their germies!

Going to sleep now..... later.


Current Mood: sick
Friday, August 25th, 2006
12:20 pm
What to do....what to do.....
I've only been home a few minutes since dropping Jay off at preschool, and I have a gazillion things to do, but I haven't got a clue as to where to begin.

It's Friday, so I like my house to be extra clean for the weekend (only to have it be destroyed again by a bunch of kids, yes, I know..a losing battle.) But I have a little bit of a dilemma. I want to start that Friday cleaning ritual but here's the problem. You see, I'm trying to teach my children the true meaning of responsibility....You know, cleaning up their own messes, being responsible for their own personal items, spaces etc,. Well, I can't in good conscience clean up their breakfast mess, shower mess and dirty clothes mess from this morning. What would I be saying if I did take care of it all? That would definitely be sending the wrong message. So, even though I CAN'T STAND it, I'm going to ignore it so my kids can eventually learn a thing or two about responsibility.

Good news is, I think one of my strategies is working. They claim to never have enough time in the morning to clean up after themselves. Well, since the start of school two weeks ago, their bedtime has been getting earlier and so has their wake-up time. They don't like that too much. I can tell it's working because today's messes aren't as numerous.

A previous strategy of mine was to point out how a few messes per kid multiplied by five kids can really add up to a lot of work for me. This never worked. I've learned that for the most part they can't fathom a grownup's feelings and that everything is all about them....and it should be all about them. I've also learned that making consequences for their actions more personal to them individually are more effective. The loss of something they love seems to work best for us. DS, Gameboy, PS2, stuff like that.

There are other things I can do that won't touch their morning messes, I just need to muster up the energy to go do them.

I've rattled on long enough for now. I'm sure I'll have more stuff to jabber about later.

Current Mood: lazy
Monday, August 21st, 2006
2:38 pm
Reading....My best friend again
Wow...I have had so much time to myself recently! Granted, it's only in two-to-three hour increments, but it's ALL MINE!!!! I've read more in this last week than I have in years! I must admit, when I find a book I just can put down, my house and family really suffer. I tend to block out the world around me and ignore everything. So needless to say, I don't allow myself to read too often. I could really get used to this free time stuff!

I do have numerous projects though that I would like to tackle now that school has begun. I have started a list and it keeps growing. Now all I have to do is prioritize and get to work.

I can't believe it....It's time to go get the kids already! Maybe I'll list some of my projects here a little later. If I keep them within my sight, maybe some of them will actually get done!

Current Mood: content
Wednesday, August 16th, 2006
2:51 pm
Jay is in school now too!!!
Jay started school yesterday!! Yay! He is in the afternoon class 12:00 - 3:00. He claims not to like it so far, but, he said he made two new friends, and described mealtime as "some yummy food!" This sounds promising. The teacher also said that he listened well and was a willing participant in everything. Again, promising....YAY!!! He was mad again when I left this morning, and I'll be getting an earful about it when I go get him in a few minutes too. But, I think he'll have more good stuff than bad to share with me.

Gotta go get my little man now!

Current Mood: pleased
Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
2:00 pm
Shame on me....
I must say I sure enjoy reading every body's lj...but when it comes to posting, I SUCK!!
With the new school year here, I think I'm going to find a lot more time for myself. ~TRANSLATION~ more opportunities to write about stuff.

As for today, Jessica (my oldest, 12) just started her first day of Jr. High. She's a big 7th grader now. I went with her this morning, (as did MANY other parents) and helped her get her schedule. We didn't have a chance to search out all of her classes, so I'm sure she'll get lost a time or two. I can't wait to here about her first day!!

My other rug-rats don't start school until Monday, the 14th. They will be attending a brand new school just up the street. Both schools are very nearby so I'm looking forward to the walks back and forth.

My little man Jay will be staying home with me for one more year. I've got a whole preschool curriculum on hand and plan to have him kindergarten ready nice and early. I'd like to send him to the state-funded preschool program, but we make too much money annually for a freakin' family of seven!! You have to show paycheck stubs for a month and they project an annual income from that- overtime and all! It's very unfair. Last time we were a mere $43.00 over the max annual income for a family of seven. So unfair!

When I tried to enroll Jillian two years ago, she wasn't able to start preschool until after the first of the year when we could supply paycheck stubs that had minimal overtime and the projected annual total was under their limit. It broke her heart when I told her that she couldn't go in the beginning. She wanted so bad to be in school like her older sisters.

All is well with jillian now though. She just finished kindergarten and was one of two students to receive the Presidential Award of Education, actually signed by George Bush! It's pretty cool. She also took home first place for kindergarten in the the Science Fair this past February. It kinda helped that she was the only entry for kindergarten, but hey, it works! Her project went on to the district competition and earned her a participation trophy. She's quite the hard-worker.

Looks like I'm on a roll here....I have a lot more coming so if you need a potty break, now would be a good time.....

I just recently served on my second ever criminal trial. It was interesting and all, but really bad timing. I went the morning of July 10th thinking that I would be excused simply by virtue of being the primary caregiver to my FIVE young children. Oh no. This would not be the case. I was informed by the judge that daycare issues are no longer acceptable excuses because the courts now have a children's room for jurors! What a joke this room was too!
Here my kids have only had 10 days of freedom since school let out on June 29th and now I have to stick em' all in this little room with a perfect stranger from 9:00am until 4:30pm. The only time they were allowed outside was for lunch, which I was expected to provide for them. I can handle brown bagging it for my kids, they're worth the time, effort and headache of this daily task, but to have to keep these kids entertained for up to two hours sometimes?...Come on!....Even a super-mom such as myself has trouble pulling that one off day in and day out!......Believe me I had a field day filling out a "how the heck are we doing card" EVERYDAY. I made sure they knew how ridiculous it was for the judge to insist that he knows what's best for MY children. I complained about everything that I could think of. No outside access, little frig didn't work, no max occupancy posted, no posting of licensing, etc.... Fortunately, my mother-in-law came to stay with us and watched them for the last two and a half weeks of the trial.

In case anyone is interested, and since I can't seem to shut up, here are some keys points to the trial on was on. The crime took place back on May 1st, 2001, in a home in Riverside. It was a home-invasion robbery / murder case. There were two defendants and two juries. This seemed weird at first, but later made sense as to why. These two guys were both being charged with murder even though only one guy actually pulled the trigger. To make a long story short, the other jury reached a guilty verdict on Aug 3rd and we came up with guilty a day later. What an emotional roller coaster for all involved!

There's so much more I could go on about, like how my husbands company is in the middle of a battle about bringing in the union (truly all Greek to me), and about lots of other significant stuff that's happened recently in my little corner of the world, but I'm gonna stop for now.
I'll try to keep posting and for my future posts not to be so lengthy.

It's almost time to pick up Jessica! I can't wait to see how her first day went! YAY!!

Current Mood: cheerful
Monday, November 28th, 2005
6:19 pm
Schools in...
Finally a couple of minutes to write something. Okay, you can't really tell, but these last two sentences have taken me almost ten minutes to write! I swear...never a dull moment around here! I sit down at the computer and suddenly everyone needs me! Well, I knew the job was dangerous when I took it. ;)

Gotta go...Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Current Mood: drained
Thursday, November 10th, 2005
4:26 pm
You ever just have one of those days....I did so much stuff earlier today, that I have nothing to do for the rest of the evening! Except take care of some boogery children...all of them are sick....and yes, I said boogery...I'm sure it's not a real word, but shouldn't be? It's just so vivid and to the point!

Current Mood: bored
Sunday, November 6th, 2005
8:57 am
A stampin' good time....
I went to Stamp Camp yesterday and made several cute gift-giving containers & pouches. When I got home, my children pounced on every last one of them.....That's okay, I can always make more....What else is my time good for?....Certainly not cooking, cleaning and just doing mom stuff, right?...Yeah right! On the bright side, I did eat some delicious food and spent an afternoon with an old friend from high school. We don't nearly see each other often enough so that was the nicest treat of all. Then again, the time away from all the kids was pretty cool too!

I've been reading lj's of some people I once knew in Jr & Sr high school. What a boring life I lead! I tend not to write in my lj because I'm certain no one wants to hear of my mundane life! I argue with myself over what to write and inevitably backspace my way to no entry!

Well, if anyone has any suggestions on what my focus should be when I'm writing, please advise....Should I pretend I'm speaking to one person or many? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

I hear coffee calling my name....I must follow!!

Current Mood: blank
Friday, November 4th, 2005
8:59 am
Today is a good day.
Well, I don't have many details yet, but it seems as though baby Fletcher has arrived! I can't wait to hear how everyone is doing.

As for the rest of this day.......

I have nothing planned! Absolutely nothing! Except for laundry and some grocery shopping. Oh, and I have some paperwork to fill out and fax. Oh, and then there are a few bills that have to get out today. Not to mention I need to get the car washed, vacuum upstairs, finish my sisters birthday present, deliver some Avon and clean out the frig. Wow...Please disregard the first two lines of this paragraph! I have to go now...Too much crap needing my attention! All I wanted was to have a good day with nothing to do! Yeah right....like that's ever gonna happen!
(The good day part happens all of the time....it's the nothing to do part that always gets me!!)

Current Mood: lazy
Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
8:23 am
Hoping to hear soon
I haven't heard anything about Baby Fletcher yet. I sure hope everything is good. I can't help but worry...It's what a mother is suppose to do. Of course my worrying is mixed with prayer, and I know everything is going to be fine!

Current Mood: anxious
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
10:48 pm
Baby Fletcher is almost here...
My friend Cherylyn is being induced tonight and I am so excited and worried all at once. I look forward to seeing his first precious photos. I'm so excited....worried....excited.....worried....excited...
exhausted! Good luck Cherylyn!

Current Mood: anxious
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
9:52 am
A good day...
I just love this gloomy weather we are having right now. It tells me the holiday season is upon us. I know I haven't posted anything in a while, but a mothers work is NEVER done!!! I figured this moment was as good as any to start writing a little something.....

I babysit, that's my extra job right now...and I am soooooo thankful that I have this one particular baby for the last time today until the end of November! Don't get me wrong....I love babies, I've had five of my own for Pete's sake! But this little one is like taking care of triplets!!! Let's just say she's very needy and even when those needs are being met, she's still not happy! I'm hoping this month-long break will change her little personality for the better. One can dream....right?

Well, the little princess is screaming again, so off I go!

Current Mood: busy
Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
3:25 pm
A good day...
I like days like today....Perfect weather, mid 60's, laundry's done, house is clean and I actually had time to read a little bit. Today has been good. Just thought I would share that with any one interested. I hope tomorrow is close to the same, (not likely!)

Current Mood: relaxed
Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
10:06 am
good morning....
Today and yesterday have been pretty good days. Jessica won 1st place in her grade for the school science fair and gets to move on to district. She was also chosen earlier that same day to be a chaperon for a third grade class trip to see a play (today). I also got a call today that Jillian gets to start preschool on Monday. She's only been on the waiting list since August!!! She wants to go to school SO BAD!!!! She's just so excited. She's already 5 and will start Kindergarten soon, so she can use this little head start.

Another thing that was confirmed yesterday is the future of my current baby- sitting gig. I currently watch a nine and a half month old girl and have had since September. Her mother wants me to keep watching her and just told me she's having another baby due in July! So she'd like me to watch them both. She's starting a split work week with another pregnant teacher and that lady would like me to watch her baby too!! Babies, Babies, Babies!!! Sounds overwhelming huh, but it's really not. I will only have Mia and her new sibling on Monday and Tuesday, (sometimes Wednesday) and the other new baby only on Thursday and Friday, (never Wednesday). So I will make more money and have every other Wednesday off. Kind of confusing, but it's really a good deal for me. Jonathon is the only one of mine that's not in school yet, so it won't be much different than what I do now.

Well, enough for me today. I know I haven't written much lately, I guess not a whole lot to write about.

Current Mood: content
Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
4:26 pm
Feelin yucky today...
I'm actually feeling better now than earlier. My kids are so awesome....They are taking care of me. They brought me soup and crackers up in my room, in. Isn't that sweet? I hope your parade was fun to walk in Cherylyn. I love reading your live journal!!! It makes me feel like we're not so far apart.

Current Mood: loved
Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
12:48 pm
Much better day today
Well, things are certainly better today then they were yesterday. I didn't have to clean up any poop (yeah!),I didn't slip and fall in the mud (BIG plus), and we got outta here on time for school!
Thanks TwinKlerGirl for responding so quickly....It makes me feel like I'm headed in the right direction! Keep any advise coming!

Current Mood: cheerful
Monday, January 10th, 2005
11:03 am
Good morning again....
I looks okay I guess. I have a feeling there's still something I'm missing....Something I'm not doing quite right. So please, if anyone is reading this and you have any advise, please feel free to comment.

And another thing.....

I just have to vent...This morning has really been sucky so far. For starters, it's raining and our dogs have been inside. We let them out constantly to go potty, but right after I let them back in, one of them went on the dining room rug. Normally something like this doesn't bother me. I'm a mom of five for crying out loud, a little poop shouldn't wreck my day....but it gets worse. My oldest daughter Jessica found it by stepping in it and dragging throughout the house. YUCK!!!! About 5 minutes before we are suppose to leave for school, my second oldest Jacklyn tells me that the toilet is plugged, so I try plunging it (unsuccessfully) for much longer than I should have. So now the toilet is still plugged, pee-water is all over my bathroom floor and we are running late for school. (Oh yeah, did I mention that I can't find my spray cleaner so that I can properly clean up the poop mess?) Okay, no biggie right? I'll just do a more thorough cleaning & plunging job when I get home.
So now my school-bound three oldest are in the van and I strap all other small children in and walk around the van to get in. (Did I mention that it's pouring down cats & dogs at this point?) Well, to make matters worse, my hurrying only helped me to slip and fall right on my butt onto the half-grass, half-mud part of my lawn....BOY, I sure needed that! I was over the top at this point. All I could do when I got into the van was scream over and over again, "THAT WAS THE ICING ON MY CAKE!!!" My children don't know how to react at this point. In one breath it's, "Mom, are you okay?" The next breath it's, "What does icing on your cake mean?" I cooled off in the three minutes it took to get to school, and I was able to laugh about it by the time I got home.. I was just thinking of how silly I must have looked slipping like that.

Well, things are a little better now. It's time to go back to mom-work.

Current Mood: mellow
10:56 am
Good morning
I thought I might try posting again. I still really don't know how to post properly, but I'm trying anyway. I figure I will eventually get it either on my own or with some help along the way. I'm going to try posting this little bit and see how it looks. If it looks okay, than I'll continue...Back in a minute.

Current Mood: determined
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