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good morning....

Today and yesterday have been pretty good days. Jessica won 1st place in her grade for the school science fair and gets to move on to district. She was also chosen earlier that same day to be a chaperon for a third grade class trip to see a play (today). I also got a call today that Jillian gets to start preschool on Monday. She's only been on the waiting list since August!!! She wants to go to school SO BAD!!!! She's just so excited. She's already 5 and will start Kindergarten soon, so she can use this little head start.

Another thing that was confirmed yesterday is the future of my current baby- sitting gig. I currently watch a nine and a half month old girl and have had since September. Her mother wants me to keep watching her and just told me she's having another baby due in July! So she'd like me to watch them both. She's starting a split work week with another pregnant teacher and that lady would like me to watch her baby too!! Babies, Babies, Babies!!! Sounds overwhelming huh, but it's really not. I will only have Mia and her new sibling on Monday and Tuesday, (sometimes Wednesday) and the other new baby only on Thursday and Friday, (never Wednesday). So I will make more money and have every other Wednesday off. Kind of confusing, but it's really a good deal for me. Jonathon is the only one of mine that's not in school yet, so it won't be much different than what I do now.

Well, enough for me today. I know I haven't written much lately, I guess not a whole lot to write about.
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