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A stampin' good time....

I went to Stamp Camp yesterday and made several cute gift-giving containers & pouches. When I got home, my children pounced on every last one of them.....That's okay, I can always make more....What else is my time good for?....Certainly not cooking, cleaning and just doing mom stuff, right?...Yeah right! On the bright side, I did eat some delicious food and spent an afternoon with an old friend from high school. We don't nearly see each other often enough so that was the nicest treat of all. Then again, the time away from all the kids was pretty cool too!

I've been reading lj's of some people I once knew in Jr & Sr high school. What a boring life I lead! I tend not to write in my lj because I'm certain no one wants to hear of my mundane life! I argue with myself over what to write and inevitably backspace my way to no entry!

Well, if anyone has any suggestions on what my focus should be when I'm writing, please advise....Should I pretend I'm speaking to one person or many? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

I hear coffee calling my name....I must follow!!
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